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Welcome to the journey which has been my life. I have worn many hats provided by unplanned circumstances which have left behind powerful experiences and scars to prove it. Some lead to becoming memories, others lead to becoming lessons that would ultimately build the foundation in which I built myself off the floor. All the while, I believed that broken would always lead to empowered. And empowered would ultimately lead to a calling for helping others find their grit, their resilience and most importantly, their voice.

My second layer professions include successful careers in Paralegal, Interior Designer, and Fine Artist which have contributed to acquiring a plethora of skills and tools along the way.

However, my launching moment as a Speaker was the day I took the renown Tedx Stage where I shared my story; “When Breaking Points Lead to Empowerment” which is an inspirational journey of resiliency and perseverance.

From broken child to empowered Woman, my mission is to come alongside others through their journeys of finding peace, forgiveness and ultimate strength in the most difficult of experiences. Using the base of my own story’s success, I share the tools of becoming victorious at life instead of a victim of it.

Erika Obando