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A relentless advocate for defining a life with purpose, Erika has made it her mission to leave impactful ripples for generations to come. An active International Speaker, Author, Mentor and Community Leader, her legacy is in working with individuals, guiding them through the footpath of changing the narratives of their stories. Her efforts are focused on women empowerment, youth enrichment and lifestyle pivoting strategies through the art of reinvention.

She took the renown TEDx stage in which she shared her story – a look into her life’s journey of resiliency and perseverance. Using her own story’s success as the platform, she teaches the tools of transforming your life from being a Victim to being Victorious!

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Erika Obando TEDX

When Breaking Points Lead to Empowerment

From broken child to empowered Woman.

Erika is here to walk you through her journey of finding peace, forgiveness and ultimate strength in the most difficult of experiences. Through her story she gives you the tools of surviving life instead of becoming a victim of it.




Book Reviews

Wow! I loved it! The message at the end was incredible. You shook my soul.

Maria G.

What a captivating story!! I read it in less than a day. I simply couldn’t put the book down. Erika tells her story of a traumatic childhood and the struggles she lived through, survived and overcame to become the resilient, successful and happy woman she is today! It was gut wrenching, made me cry and made me want to reach out and hug Erika when I felt a hug would have made all the difference in her toughest days as a child. Her love for her amazing son can be felt through the book and makes you understand her “why”… He must be incredibly proud of her. Can’t wait to read the next book!!

Marcela L.

What a story, what a woman, what a life.

Maritza C.

I am so moved by reading your first three chapters that I want to reach out and give you a virtual hug!

Terry K.

Learn to love and respect yourself! I picked up this book to scroll through last night and to place it back on the nightstand a couple of minutes later. I ended up finishing it this morning. What an honest, gut wrenching (at times) picture of a life one cannot even fathom let alone endure, but Erika endured and is a magnificent human being today!

Dorian V.

Erika Obando has found her Voice! And the story of how she did made me cry and then rejoice. As children we have no control over decisions our parents make even if those decisions put us in dangerous situations. Erika’s parents brought her and her siblings to the US illegally. They took huge risks for the same reason hundreds of thousands of people over the years have done the same. They simply wanted a better life for their family. Erika is 14 years old when she runs away from her abusive, hoarding mother. As she recollects her journey, I am so saddened by what she was subjected to during her early years. Many people would have been defeated in similar circumstances. Erika had some amazing people show up in her life that had a profound effect on her and the way she chooses to live her life. “Strong people come from tough circumstances,” she tells us, “but it’s up to you to decide how it ultimately defines you.” Put this inspirational book on your list for 2021.

Dodie H.

I could not stop reading it! I finished it in 4 hours, amazing story and very inspiring! Thank you so much Erika for having the courage to share your story with us! You made me cry but also understand that what we have gone through is what shapes us. I have found your story very inspiring and I am sure many others will too! Can't wait for a second book of yours.

Daniela De La Torre
Junior at University of Florida mayoring in Philosophy

This book is a must read!! A gut-wrenching story of survival from a child's perspective that becomes the driver to becoming the best version of humanity despite the odds. I can honestly say, it takes me a few reads to finish an average book and I have read plenty. This book...I simply couldn't put it down. The story drives your interest and wanting to know more about what happens next. But most importantly, the last chapter encapsulates the main reason for sharing her story and all the lessons that can be pulled from her experiences. It is truly inspiring to see someone break the cycle of abuse and chaos that surrounded her existence through her growing years. If you think you are alone, you will read this book, you will definitely feel encouraged to building the life you never imagined for yourself, just like Erika did. I hope this book becomes a best-seller for inspiration and self-improvement, it is 100% worth every page!

J. Scott Conner, AIA
President, ArcUrb Design Build, Inc.

Erika is one of the most driven, passionate, pleasant, warm-hearted and inspirational people I have come across. She puts her heart and sole into everything she does. She has left a strong impression upon me about how things can get done and how she can motivate and move people to rise to the occassion. I refer to her as "being on fire". Her motivation and drive is contagious and admirable. I believe in her ability to succeed and enjoy to watch the process unfold. It's truly amazing. She is generous with her time and willingness to be helpful in any way that she can.

Tammy B.

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