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Hi! I’m Erika Obando.

Everyone comes from a story… I know that all too well myself. But the key is what you do with the lessons within your story that ultimately defines who you are and who you are willing to become!

The traumatic events and challenges of my childhood could have been the perfect crutch and excuse to set my bar pretty low. From abuse, to violence to catastrophic life decisions that went wrong, my life had become riddled with failures. But the difference was made the day I decided to grow within those failures and accept the change I needed to make for myself. I chose to rewrite my script and change the narrative of my story and through my mentorship, I help guide you in rewriting yours.

You already have all the tools you need to create the better version of yourself. Sometimes… you just need a little help getting there. I am here to help!

Erika Obando

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